CMO SIG Discusses Law Firm Marketing/BD Department Benchmarking Survey

by Gretchen Lyn Koehler on October 13, 2011

At the most recent CMO SIG meeting, Eva Wisnik of Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. presented “Benchmarking Your Department and its Practices Against Wisnik’s 2011 Law Firm Marketing/BD Survey Results.” The discussion included an analysis of recent Wisnik research on the state of law firm marketing and business development in New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. Participants discussed information presented on department trends, structures, compensation, and areas of change. Trends discussed during the SIG meeting included:

  • Law firm marketing/BD departments are increasing in size.
  • Law firm marketing/BD professionals are staying at firms longer (5.3 years for Managers, 6.7 years for Directors, and 5.7 years for CMOs).
  • CMO and Director salaries are rising, while Manager salaries are showing a slight decline.
  • Marketing departments run by someone with a non-chief title are increasing, representing 43% of survey participants’ departments.

More information about the Wisnik survey can be found at The CMO SIG is comprised of in-house law firm marketing and business development leaders who are LMA members. For information about the CMO SIG, please contact Andrea Stimmel or Linda Sparn.

Gretchen Lyn Koehler, Esq. is Director of Business Development at Kenyon & Kenyon LLP. She can be reached at


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