January 2012

President’s Message Winter 2011-2012

by Jeff Scalzi January 20, 2012

Happy New Year, and welcome NYLMA members to 2012! While January brought a very successful annual Kick-Off event and our first educational program of the year, as well as several of our Committee and SIG meetings, the 2012 Board is busy with planning for the year. We look ahead to February when we will officially […]

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Save the Date(s) and Spread the Word!

by Lindsay Griesmeyer January 20, 2012

Marketing department need an overhaul? Let’s do lunch. No doubt you’ve noticed that law firm marketing departments are going through some pretty heavy changes. That’s why your department should attend our upcoming luncheon entitled “Restructuring Your Marketing Department: Leading Your Firm to a New World Order.” The event will focus on best practices for integrating […]

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Winter 2011-2012 Comings & Goings (and Congrats!)

by Amy Lemel January 20, 2012

Winter 2011-2012 Justin Edmondson joined Hogan Lovells as Business Development Executive on July 8, 2011. He was previously a Senior Manager in marketing and business development at Deloitte & Touche LLP. Ed Haas, Owner of Ed Haas Photo (since 1977) recently joined the Metro New York Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association. Gabrielle B. Lipson, […]

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What is Copywriting, Anyway?

by Andy Edelstein January 20, 2012

Since bringing my craft to the legal profession, I’ve been struck by the number of blank stares I’ve gotten—even from some marketing people—when I call myself a “copywriter.” No, I don’t file copyrights—or trademarks or patents, for that matter. Indeed, the two homonyms couldn’t be more different. What I am is a writer—specifically a writer […]

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CRM: The First Strategic Step Toward Client Satisfaction

by Alejandra Muniz January 20, 2012

As kids, an introduction to other children meant instant playmates.  You were friends for life.  Inseparable.  Or you would have been if another kid hadn’t offered your friend a fixed-fee billable arrangement!  Poof!  There goes your friend.  I hope the paragraph above was not an accurate representation of your childhood.  Fortunately, in today’s legal market, […]

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Successful Website (Re)design

by Brandie Knox January 20, 2012

Before designing, or redesigning, your firm’s website, it’s best to have a process in place that defines your business goals and objectives. Whatever the size of your firm, your team, or your budget, the following considerations should be addressed in advance to avoid costly problems later. Consider your audience A successful user experience is the […]

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Send Out a Reverse APB

by Seth Apple January 20, 2012

In the law enforcement context, an APB (“all-points bulletin”) is a broadcast, issued from one agency to another, informing officers to be on the lookout for a missing person or thing.  In the practice of law, associates should make every effort to ensure that they are not that person by sending out a Reverse APB. […]

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