CRM: The First Strategic Step Toward Client Satisfaction

by Alejandra Muniz on January 20, 2012

As kids, an introduction to other children meant instant playmates.  You were friends for life.  Inseparable.  Or you would have been if another kid hadn’t offered your friend a fixed-fee billable arrangement!  Poof!  There goes your friend. 

I hope the paragraph above was not an accurate representation of your childhood.  Fortunately, in today’s legal market, we have numerous tools to help maintain the clients and relationships that have taken time and effort to build.

Your CRM system is one of those tools.  The information provided by your CRM database can identify client satisfaction issues and help you focus your firm’s resources on resolving them efficiently.

Know your clients.

Which clients provide your firm with the most revenue?
Which clients show promise of providing more cross-selling opportunities?
Which clients are increasing the workload they provide your firm?
Which clients haven’t you heard from in the last 12 months?

Segregate these clients by practice area and geographic location and you will likely identify relationships that need further cultivation.

Know how you are doing.

How satisfied are your clients?

When was the last time you asked?

Establish objective metrics to measure client satisfaction and make sure your attorneys know how to ask the right questions.  Let relationship partners know that seeking feedback is important and can’t be done often enough.

Know what to do.

Track client responses in your CRM system and set goals and deadlines for how issues should be addressed.  When you revisit your database at a later time you may be happy to find that business has improved due to your efforts.

The most important things to do are ask, and act.  Once you ask clients for their feedback, they will expect to see action.  Asking for their opinion and not showing how the firm is taking steps to address the issues being raised is worse than never asking at all.

Your CRM system has a lot of information that you can turn into valuable intelligence.  You have won over your prospects and they are now your clients.  Keep them with you by demonstrating that you listen and value their business.

Alejandra Muniz is the CRM Data Steward with Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in New York City.  She can be reached at


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