Book Review – Build Your Practice the Logical Way by Carol Schiro Greenwald and Steven Skyles-Mulligan

by Lindsay Griesmeyer on May 18, 2013

LIndsay Griesmeyer

Finally, a book that takes the concept of a client-centric law firm from high level theory to practice. This extraordinary compilation of client-centric business development tools is the essential resource for any lawyer or legal marketing professional in search of a clear, step-by-step guide to forming or supplementing a marketing initiative and a broader firm culture focused on nurturing client relationships.

Packed with forms, worksheets, diagrams and checklists, the authors dive directly into demystifying various client-centric techniques and activities and lay them out in a working order. The authors succinctly walk the reader through concept after concept, providing strategic advice about “why” and “how” to move from vision to action. They cover the gamut of client-centric concepts, from identifying and aligning firm and client values, to improving client communication, and understanding client needs – but this book stand outs for the motivational and actionable way the authors drill down into the nuts and bolts of client-centric tools. Some examples include steering the reader on how to view client complaints as an opportunity, using invoice and billing methods as a mode of differentiation, and replicating loyal clients for prospecting.

No stone is left unturned – the authors educate on client teams, technology, AFAs, legal project management, and even the celebrated “low hanging fruit.” It’s a fantastic insight into what will undoubtedly be the structure and mindset of future successful law firms.

Kudos to the authors for tackling such a relevant and enigmatic topic without being obtrusive. With real-life examples, practical advice and simple directions to follow, this book is hands-down the only resource on client centricity that’s credible, useful, and constructive.

Lindsay Griesmeyer is the Global Banking Practice Development Manager at Latham & Watkins LLP. Her responsibilities include supporting the firm’s Strategic Client Committee and managing a number of financial institution client teams. 

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