Best Practices: The Cure For The Common Brand

by Janet Odgis on May 15, 2014

Ogdis, JanetHELPING A CLIENT determine the optimal way to present itself can be a difficult task, as clients are often obstinate about the way they market themselves. Yet that obstinacy can lead to a muddled public message and a vague, undifferentiated brand identity. Working with a client to select and implement a viable new strategy means examining his or her existing brand with the precision of a physician — and prescribing a healthy new marketing regimen thereafter. How do you and the client make this happen?

CONDUCT A COMPLETE PHYSICAL: What’s the essence of the client’s aspirations for his or her business, and how has that manifested itself in previous marketing efforts? Think of this first step as a process of discovery — it’s akin to a general practitioner assessing a patient’s complete medical history — and it helps both participants identify problems and potential solutions of which they might not previously have been aware. Only then can a client’s authentic self come fully to the fore.

DIAGNOSE AND PRESCRIBE: Next comes the diagnostic phase. What concerns the client most about his or her marketing, and what are the underlying symptoms of such uncertainties? Identifying “pain points” like this can help both parties determine the best way to ameliorate them. From these observations can come a clear course of action: new marketing tactics that will put the client’s desired storyline into much sharper relief. This is, in a sense, delivery of the medicine — a palliative that will greatly improve the condition of the narrative they put forth to others.

STRATEGIZE FOR THE LONG TERM HEALTH: To truly deliver the cure for the common brand, you need to be both a generalist and a specialist — one who performs a complete examination of a brand’s current condition and then offers a thorough strategic fix, encompassing design and messaging in equal measure, that suits the client’s aspirations perfectly. Condition: upgraded. Fitness: achieved. Long-term prognosis: excellent.

Janet Odgis is the Creative Director and President of Odgis + Co., an award-winning woman-owned design firm based in New York City. For over 25 years she has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious corporations and foundations reinventing ways to define and express their brands.

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