LMA 2014 – Orlando – Impressions from the Metro NY Chapter Attendees

by Tom Mariam on May 15, 2014

The LMA held its Annual International Conference April 2-4 in Orlando. The Metro New York chapter was well represented at the conference, which included a special opening night reception together with our neighboring Northeast Chapters from New England, Washington DC and Philadelphia.

For those members who were not able to be part of the conference, we offer you a cross-section of impressions of LMA 2014 from our attendees:

Everybody wants to meet you. That’s why they’re there. This was my fourth conference and I’m still amazed at the networking. I looked at the attendee list beforehand and counted 89 people I knew – about a third of them pretty well. When I look at next year’s list, I’m guessing that number will be closer to 125. Andy Edelstein

As a first time attendee to the Conference, I thought it was a very good few days. I was able to spend time with colleagues and friends from New York as well as meet up with clients and business associates that I had not met in person before. A good mix of business and continuing education. The weather and the lovely venue made it all the more enjoyable. The Northeast Chapter Welcome Reception was particularly nice as there was time to sit and chat. The app for the iPhone was a plus. Amy Lemel

Orlando was my first LMA International Conference in 14 years. I was pleasantly amazed at the growth in our field in that time as evidenced by the many different aspects of legal marketing represented at the conference. A walk through the Exhibition Hall made it obvious that the legal profession has indeed morphed into the legal industry. The vendors on display have become necessary tools of our trade, while the discussions in the Track sessions demonstrated how sophisticated the strategic elements of law firm marketing have become. Tom Mariam

The keynote speaker, Kat Cole from Cinnabon was interesting and inspiring and the best takeaway was “If not me, who?” and “If not now, when?” My favorite panel was Generational Marketing Strategies and Tactics for Engaging Different Generations, moderated by Heather Morse of Barger & Wolen with Jonathan Fitzgerald of Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger. It was entertaining and educational and very timely as firms have at least three generations who communicate differently. Though there are certainly crossovers and individual differences in people, there are distinct characteristics among the “Silent Generation” (born before 1942),” “Baby Boomers” (really two groups born between 1946 and 1965), “Generation EX” (born 1965-1972), and the “Millennials” (born between 1983-2000). To sum it up, generations are defined by markers more than age. You should know your firm attorneys (and clients) and be able to use multi-platform communication as appropriate. Amy Lemel

Working with lawyers is rewarding and gratifying but – as we all know – challenging and demanding too. It’s easy to get caught up in the never ending stream of work and responsibilities and forget that there is a community of good people who all share the same stresses and issues. While the sessions are valuable, it is hard to put a price on the invigorating and positive effect that simply interacting with your legal marketing colleagues brings. People share openly. While you see firsthand all the things you need to do more of and need to do better at the annual conference, and that brings new stress, the job somehow seems a bit lighter, and a bit easier, when you return, knowing in many ways we are all in this together. Alexander Coxe

Tweets from LMA 2014 compiled by Brandie Knox

Agreed @CynthiaVoth: There is no one size fits all approach to biz dev for lawyers – capitalize on individual strengths Gina Rubel @GinaRubel | Apr 2

“I want to be a legal marketer when I grow up,” said nobody ever. ~ @adriandayton Kevin O’Keefe @kevinokeefe | Mar 31

A good 50% of the legal marketers in the room have never seen their firm’s strategic plans. Time to seek a seat at the table. Gina Rubel @GinaRubel | Apr 2

Fun at Disney with @cdgi! LMA New England @LMA_NE Apr 2


The law firm website is nothing more than a publishing platform. Make content marketing a core practice. Seth M. Apple @sethmapple | Apr 3

Social media at law firms is an evolution not a revolution. – John Corey Adrian T Dayton @adriandayton | Apr 3

86% of GC cite referrals as most trusted source when researching a law firm. I guessed 80! Brandie Knox @knoxdesignnyc | Apr 3

“The more you fail and learn to the fail, the more you grow.” – @KatColeATL Meghan Granito @MegInSeattle Apr 9

Follow up from #LMA14. @KatColeATL featured in @FastCompany, talking about risk-taking and innovation: How Kate Cole Operates Cinnabon Like A Startup LMA International @LMAintl Apr 9

One more panel to go and then it’s finally pool time! Katelyn Pforzheimer @KPforz | Apr 2

Poolside in Orlando

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