3rd Annual Metropolitan New York LMA Awards

by Tom Mariam on September 18, 2014

One of the highlights of our year is the presentation of the Metropolitan New York LMA Awards at the Summer Soiree on August 5. The chapter recognized outstanding achievements by individual members and committees for their volunteer work during 2013-14. The 3rd Annual Metropolitan New York LMA Awards honorees (with remarks by 2013 president Maziel Abrego) were:

Member of the Year – Our top honor, for outstanding contributions by an individual member – ANDY EDELSTEIN

“Andy Edelstein has been the backbone of the amazing programming that we have had for the past couple of years. He has made the committee a smooth-run machine. The fact that we cannot find venues that hold the numbers is a true testament to what he has built. Andy truly embodied the “if you build it they will come” and they have in droves.”

Committee of the Year – SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE – Lynn Telefsen/Paula Zirinsky (co-chairs)

“Over the last two years, The Sponsorship Committee has provided a dependable, stable base upon which the association can count on for sponsorship dollars. Paula & Lynn tirelessly sought out sponsors and made our Chapter economically sound. It is impressive how Paula & Lynn have turned that committee around. We typically have sponsors locked in almost until the end of the year by the first quarter. We have gotten tremendous feedback from our sponsors as to the value we have given them when they sponsor one of our events. The Committee has developed innovative programming (including non-exclusive dual sponsorships, email blasts and

banner ad rotation on the website) that has been well received by our sponsors.”

Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Year – CMO SIG – Despina Kartson/Dawn Gertz Longfield (co-chairs)

“The Chief Marketing Officer SIG consistently demonstrates the ability to: pull in experts who really hit the mark in terms of the information needs of the CMO and senior marketers; find convenient and lovely space to further entice members to attend; and strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and welcoming. The CMO SIGs are must-attend meetings, and remind us all of the usefulness and value of LMA overall. The best of the best in programming and tone!”

Future Leader of the Year – for outstanding contributions by a junior member likely to hold a future leadership position in the chapter – MATTHEW LOOMIS

“Matt has the potential to become a true leader in his field. He is already the leader of our Future Leaders SIG. Because Matt has a strong sense of value for himself, it shows in his work ethic. In the words of his colleagues at Anderson Kill: ‘Matt is a good strategist and follows through from the beginning to the end of any project to ensure its best results. He takes the time to make sure that he has the answers to questions pertaining to any new concept we plan on implementing so that the entire team can get on board as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Matt is always willing to share new ideas and avenues that will help in the business development of our firm and in bettering our Marketing Department.’”

Thought Leader of the Yearfor outstanding contributor to the chapter and industry through writing, speaking or other substantive contribution – LINDSAY GRIFFITHS

“Lindsay’s blog posts are inspiring and reach a wide audience. She communicates clearly in person and articulates well in her writings. Reading her recaps of events is extremely enjoyable. Legal marketers and lawyers look to her blog and see Lindsay as a thought leader.”

The Susan Benjamin Legacy Award – for a longstanding contributor who has left a distinguishable mark on the chapter – DESPINA KARTSON

“Despina Kartson is beloved for many reasons – but I think it all boils down to her consistency and wise counsel and goodness. Despina was nominated by someone who told us that ‘Having known Susan Benjamin personally, I can’t think of anyone better-suited to follow in her footsteps and receive this award. A total pro and wonderful human being. An example for every Chapter member to follow.’”

The 3rd Annual Metropolitan New York LMA Awards competition was judged, with our great appreciation, by:

  • Mark Beese, President, Leadership for Lawyers LLC
  • Mark T. Greene, Chief Marketing Officer, Roca Rothgerber LLP
  • Andrew Laver, Business Development Manager, McCarter & English LLP
  • Stephanie Roman, President of the Association of Legal Administrators – New York City Chapter

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