Chapter Events: Change Is a Constant – And So Is Resistance: How Law Firms Must Accelerate Their Ability to Adapt (Luncheon, July 24, 2014)

by John Bologna on September 18, 2014

Our Chapter luncheon on July 24 featured a very entertaining and informative presentation by Gerry Riskin, a globally recognized lawyer, author, management consultant and founder of Edge International. Gerry specializes in counseling law firm leaders and partners on issues ranging from leadership management, business development and client satisfaction. His program, entitled “Change Is a Constant – And So Is Resistance: How Law Firms Must Accelerate Their Ability to Adapt,” took a look at the very difficult process of effectuating change in the legal profession and was centered around four topics:

• Lawyers’ Unique Traditional Mindset

• Why We Must Change

Why We Resist Change

• Making Change Happen

Gerry pointed out that the qualities that are essential in great lawyers, such as independence, critical and analytical thinking and perfectionism, can be liabilities when it comes to developing business. Successful businesses are often run by people with very different qualities such as creativity, effective project management and a willingness to take risks.

Other highlights included discussion of “The Slight Edge Theory” (the best in a profession may be only slightly better than the competition, but with a huge payoff) and “The Mount Everest Syndrome” (too often we promise big and deliver nothing, with negative results for business development). Gerry closed with a simple admonition: “Get out of your chair!” He urged the audience to use incremental, creative steps to bring lawyers along on the road to change and greater success.

For photos of the session, click HERE.

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