Social Media Buzz: Fall 2014

by Guy Alvarez on November 23, 2014

Social Media has become an integral part of the legal marketers’ toolbox – and of the Metro New York LMA chapter.  To keep our members linked in with our chapter’s social media efforts, we are introducing Social Media Buzz, a new column in NYLMA News that will provide members with updates on what the chapter has been (or will be) doing on social media, as well as tips, trends and information related to social media and its impact on legal marketing.

At this month’s GC Forum, we launched the use of a new hashtag to be used by NY LMA members. The new hashtag #NYLMA will be used during NY LMA events and by the Communications Committee whenever we announce new events or developments on Twitter.

We encourage all members to start using the new #NYLMA hashtag for chapter events, in addition to the existing LMA national hashtag #LMAMKT. The chapter hashtag will enable NY LMA members and others interested in news and events associated with our chapter to stay up to date through their Twitter accounts.

The Communications Committee will continue to tweet live all NYLMA luncheon events.  Live tweeting allows all NY LMA members and others to follow the discussion during events, where they are able to attend or not.  Members may also follow those events, such as the Oct. 23 GC Forum, on Twitter by using the hashtag #NYLMA.

Just like social media, we plan to make the Social Media Buzz column as interactive as possible.  If you have any questions or suggestions as to what you would like to see covered in the column please send them to Guy Alvarez at or tweet him @guylaw1313.

Key LMA Twitter handles and hashtags:

  • #NYLMA – Metro NY chapter hashtag
  • #LMAMKT – National LMA hashtag
  • @LMA_NY – Metro NY chapter handle
  • @LMA_National_Conf – Annual LMA International Conference handle

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