4th Annual Metropolitan New York LMA Awards

by Tom Mariam on March 17, 2015

The timing was sooner. The recognition in some cases was long overdue. But the occasion itself was spot on.  The chapter honored outstanding achievements by individual members and committees for their volunteer work with the 4th Annual Metropolitan New York LMA Awards.  The awards ceremony this year was moved to the Kickoff Event in February from the Summer Soiree in August.

The chapter’s honorees for achievements in 2014 (with remarks by 2015 president Seth Apple) were:

2014 Committee of the Year – PROGRAMMING – Andy Edelstein/Todd Drucker (co-chairs)Edelstein 2015 Awards

“One of the most valuable benefits of membership and involvement is the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional.  Our chapter has excelled at providing those opportunities largely due to the efforts of this committee and the timely programs it continues to develop.  Last year was no exception as many of us attended events on creating women’s initiative programs, lessons learned from other industries, and law firm finance. This committee finds the topics that matter to the membership.  It’s no wonder it is so tough to get a seat at our events.”

2014 Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Year – SOCIAL MEDIA SIG – Stefanie Marrone (chair)Marrone 2015 Awards

“This year’s Special Interest Group of the Year (SIG) educated us on the use of social media in our industry, and enhanced its use on behalf of the chapter.  Whether it was pushing content relevant to our members, discussing tools and strategies to implement or manage social media successfully at law firms, or simply sharing content about our chapter and its members, the Social Media SIG provided an important service at a time when social media has become an important function.”

2014 Susan Benjamin Award – for a longstanding contributor who has left a distinguishable mark on the chapter – CAROLYN SANDANOSandano 2015 Awards

“This year’s Susan Benjamin Award winner is someone who has likely impacted many of us.  Carolyn Sandano’s broad experience, thoughtful insights, genuine interest in others and overall desire to assist in any way, makes it hard not to walk away without a smile. As a senior member of our community, Carolyn has set the standard as a volunteer and is always the first to raise her hand. As a former New York chapter President, Board Secretary and Current Member at Large – Carolyn Sandano continues to leave her footprint on the industry, chapter and all of its members.”

2014 Thought Leader of the Year – for outstanding contributor to the chapter and industry through writing, speaking or other substantive contributions – BEN GREENZWEIGGreenzweig 2015 Awards

“A longtime member of the New York Chapter, Ben Greenzweig, our Thought Leader of the Year is at no loss for words and insight. Through poignant articles and engaging dialogue, Ben has elevated this chapter and the larger organization through his contributions. As the co-chair of the 2015 Think Tank Committee, Ben has expanded his insight to the national stage and the membership could not be luckier.”

2014 Future Leader of the Year– for outstanding contributions by a junior member likely to hold a future leadership position in the chapter – KATIE O’ROURKE

“A newcomer on the New York legal marketing scene, Katie O’Rourke has made a splash, and a big one.  Utilizing her industry insights, approach to client relationships and ability to find the win-win in every situation, she has quickly made a name for herself in our industry.  As co-chair of the Business Development SIG, Katie has been a strong force in the group’s growth and the thoughtful programming that drives its high participation rate.

2014 Member of the Year– Our top honor, for outstanding contributions by an individual member – MIKE MELLORMellor 2015 Awards

“This year’s Member of the Year has shown continued enthusiasm, creative thinking and a dedication to the organization.  It is tough not to get excited about the New York Chapter when you brainstorm with Mike Mellor.  He was a driving force behind the surge in recent membership which brought the New York Chapter to 601 members at the end of 2014, the largest in the history of the organization.  But he’s not all about the numbers.

“Mike Mellor also focused on the user experience; putting into place best practices to make our members (especially the new ones) feel welcome throughout their LMA experience. He revived the Membership Committee and was instrumental in putting into place processes that helped facilitate membership drives. Always looking to contribute a little bit more, Mike stepped into a vacancy on the board and continued to make his mark at the board level.”

The 4th Annual Metropolitan New York LMA Awards competition was judged, with our great appreciation, by:

  • Lindsay Griffiths  – 2013 NYLMA Thought Leader of the Year
  • Sylvia Hodges Silverstein – Editorial Board Member of Strategies
  • Chris Newman – 2014 New England Chapter President and Current National Governance Committee Member
  • Nat Slavin – LMA Hall of Famer

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