Chapters from Other Chapters

by Tom Mariam on March 17, 2015

Metro New York is not the only LMA chapter presenting interesting programs and offering thought leadership.  In “Chapters from Other Chapters,” we share some ideas and initiatives from other LMA chapters around the country:

Bay Area – LMA Chapter Launches Tech Tuesday Webinar Series

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has launched a webinar series called “Tech Tuesday.” The series is based off the best programs from the Legal Marketing Technology Conference.  For more information, click HERE.

Capital: “Alumni Initiatives – The Three B’s”

How can you take advantage, from a marketing perspective, of the people who leave your firm or organization for other opportunities?  Kristin Maclay Brunett of Paley Rothman and the Capital LMA chapter offers some suggestions with the “Three B’s of Alumni Initiatives.”  For more information, click HERE

Ohio: “Doing Good in our Communities”

LMA Ohio members participated in two programs designed to help make a different in the lives of children in – and aging out of – the Ohio foster care system.  For more information, click HERE.


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