NYLMA Social Media Buzz: Join our Chapter Twitter List and LinkedIn Groups

by Guy Alvarez on March 17, 2015

Alvarez Guy 2015Our Metro New York LMA chapter, like many law firms and others within the legal industry, is embracing social media.  One of our chapter’s goals this year is to enhance the communication and collaboration amongst and between our members.  We will be using Twitter and LinkedIn, in particular, to build this virtual community.

  • Twitter:  The chapter is creating a NYLMA Twitter list for our members.  Those who join the list – voluntarily, of course – will be able to read and share easily  tweets and discussions of our individual members without having to follow each and every one of them. All you have to do as a member is subscribe to the list.  You will then automatically be able to read what everyone on the list is tweeting and sharing. 

The NYLMA Twitter list will be a private list; only NYLMA chapter members will be able to subscribe and access it. You also have the option to drop off the list at any time.

If you are interested in being a part of the LMA-NY Twitter list, please send an email to Sue Russon at lmametrony@gmail.com with the subject of the email LMA – NY Twitter list. In the body of the email, please give Sue your name and your Twitter handle. That is all!  Please contact Guy Alvarez at guy@good2bsocial.com if you have any questions.

Think of this list as similar to our chapter’s LinkedIn group.  Instead of participating on LinkedIn, you participate via Twitter. We expect this new resource to become a valuable channel to discover useful information and to encourage the sharing of content, trends and best practices between members.

  • LinkedInThe chapter continues to maintain and grow a variety of LinkedIn groups.   We currently have LinkedIn groups for each of our eight SIGs (Business Development, CMO, CRM, Corporate Social Responsibility, Future Leaders, Small Firm, Social Media and Special Events) as well as our New Jersey group.

To find a LinkedIn Group, go to the search box at the top of any page on LinkedIn, select Groups from the dropdown list on the left. Then type in the group name to find the group you want.

Another way to find a group is by moving your cursor over Interests at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select Groups. Select the Find a group link on the right side of the page and type in your group name to find the group you want.

Once you have found the group you are interested in joining simply Click Join on the group Discussions page or anywhere you see the button.


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