President’s Message: Winter 2015

by Seth Apple on March 17, 2015

Apple, Seth 2014I’m not a huge soccer fan, but if you read the Member Spotlight about me in the previous issue of the NYLMA News, you know I’m a diehard Cleveland sports fan. By definition, this means I was a fan of the Cleveland Force, the indoor soccer team that played in the now defunct Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) from 1978 to 1992.

In fact, in 1986 I was privileged to be a part of the largest crowd to ever attend an MISL game (20,174). The record was later eclipsed by the Tacoma Stars in 1987, but at that time it was representative of the sport’s growth in presence and popularity. I still remember the game to this day.

And this is relevant because…

Well, because on February 18, I am proud to say I was part of another defining moment for another growing organization/industry when I attended the NYLMA’s 2015 Annual Kickoff Event – the largest in our Chapter’s history.

While the attendance was certainly impressive, what makes it truly notable is that the event was dedicated to exploring ways to get more involved in our Chapter while honoring those who excelled at doing so in 2014. On behalf of the NYLMA Board of Directors, I would like to once again congratulate our 2014 Metro New York Award winners and thank you for your commitment to our industry and Chapter. Well done.

As I have mentioned before, chapter involvement can be a powerful springboard.  I know from experience and remain indebted to this organization for providing me with the opportunity to grow as a person and a professional. As our industry continues to evolve, our foothold in the legal industry becomes more pronounced. Law firms look to our members for guidance, solutions and inspiration across myriad of disciplines. And we look to the LMA for the same.

As your 2015 Chapter President, I plan to foster continued growth by our Chapter and support the dedicated individuals that make up its committees, special interest groups and membership at large. Join me, and make your own mark in 2015.

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