In Memoriam: Alicia Brown 1966-2015

by Seth Apple on June 30, 2015

Brown Alicia

We are sad to report that former Metro New York Legal Marketing Association member Alicia Brown passed away on June 8. Alicia was a long and valued member of our chapter, always looking to contribute to the organization and the legal marketing industry as a whole. Our members especially benefitted from her term as Programming Committee Co-Chair in 2008.

We remember Alicia as a lively and friendly presence with quick intelligence, a life-long passion for dogs and a willingness to volunteer for anything that needed doing.

Alicia’s most recent position was Director of Business Development – Global Forensics Group, at BDO Consulting. That job following a long career in a variety of marketing positions in and around the legal industry. Alicia was raised in Elmira, NY and earned her B.A. in English Literature from Columbia University. She lived in Manhattan. You may read more about Alicia Brown in this obituary.

Alicia touched many people in our chapter during her time with LMA. Here are some reflections from members who knew her:

“Alicia had so much energy and was so much fun. I attended many LMA national and local meetings with her and she was always at the center of the action. Alicia was a tireless volunteer for LMA. She was a kind and good friend, always offering support. She loved her dog and always had a new picture on her phone to show me. Alicia will never be forgotten by her friends at LMA.” – Andrea K. Stimmel, 2007 President

“Alicia’s volunteer work had a positive impact on the LMA, but her real contribution was the time she always found for people. A lover of dogs and a champion of the underdog, she was a warm and generous soul with a sly sense of humor who mentored and taught many of us, myself included. I will always remember her kindness.” – Patricia A.W. Daniels, 2008 Programming Committee Co-Chair

“When I first joined the Programming Committee in 2008, Alicia was the co-chair. She was really good at making sure everyone knew what was expected of them, which always included having fun. She ran the meetings with an ever-present smile, a command of what we needed to accomplish, and an excellent sense of humor. As far as I’m concerned, the Committee as it stands today is, in large part, her legacy.” – Andrew Edelstein, 2015 Board of Directors

“I adored Alicia and she was a solid member of our chapter for many years. Even as she was transitioning off of the Programming Committee, she helped mentor Christa Crane and Pat Daniels for a while, so that the Committee would maintain organization and progression. She was a huge help when I was President, even when she had no leadership role. She was generous without reward and that is a rarity! I am grateful that I was able to work with her and I will remember her smile, laugh and upbeat energy.” – Larson Campbell Berkey, 2010 President

“Alicia served on the Programming Committee during my tenure as President. She was always upbeat, professional and had a great sense of humor. My heart goes out to her family. She will be missed by all.” – Michele Chaffin, 2006 President

“Alicia was an enthusiastic legal marketer and member of the LMA who was always ready to lead, participate and lend a hand in any way. She made me laugh and we shared many wonderful times together over the years. I was happy to stay in touch with her when she moved out of the legal profession and will always remember her effervescent presence.” – Despina Kartson, 2009 President

“There’s a sappy post that pops up on my Facebook page every now and again that goes something like this: ‘True friends can go months – even years, and not talk… But still pick up where they left off.’ That was my relationship with Alicia. We met because of our work with the chapter but soon became friends outside the organization. We spent the most time together during the 2008 presidential campaign watching the debates at a fellow LMA member’s apartment. So when Alicia changed jobs (yet again) and finally moved out of legal, we saw less and less of each other, but when I spotted her just outside of the Bloomberg building a few years ago, we must’ve spent a half-hour standing in the cold catching up on each other’s lives. Looking back, I don’t think it occurred to us that we might want to duck into the Starbucks that was right there.” – Nancy Slome, 2010-2012 Board of Directors

“Like so many, I knew Alicia way back when—back to her days at ALM. She became our firm’s account executive, where we maintained a relationship for many years, even after her departure. I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her professionally and also within the chapter. I will miss her vivacious personality and smile.” – Stacy S. Steele, 2010-2011; 2013-2014 Board of Directors

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