Metro NY Chapter Compadres Charge Out to San Diego for LMA 2015

by Nancy Slome on June 30, 2015

Our Metro New York chapter came out in full force to the Annual LMA Conference held in San Diego this year from April 13-15. In fact, 104 of the more than 1300 conference attendees were NYLMA Chapter members! What’s more, seven NYLMA members were given speaking honors at the pre- or main conference sessions.

LMA 2015 brought together legal marketing and business development professionals for three days of education and unparalleled networking opportunities with their industry peers from across the country and around the globe.

Attendees walked away with a host of fresh ideas and ready-to-use tools and techniques to elevate their marketing and business development programs.

For instance, ask anyone who attended and you’re sure to hear about the “1-3-5” from Daniel Pink’s terrific keynote address, “Leadership and the New Principles of Influence.” Mr. Pink, best-selling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human, provided the following odd-numbered (but not so odd) formula for all attendees to consider:

1 Insight: Why do lawyers hate sales, marketing, and business development?

3 Principles: Attunement, Buoyancy, Clarity, and

5 Takeaways:

  • Increase your effectiveness by briefly reducing your feelings of power.
  • Use your head as much as your heart.
  • Pay attention to others’ posture, gesture, and language. Then, reflect those back without being an idiot about it.
  • Don’t be a glad-hander and be yourself.  (Here’s where you want to look up that term “Ambivert” again, in case you’ve forgotten.)
  • Give people an off-ramp.

Here’s a chance to see for yourself what transpired in San Diego, with a few pictures of the attending Metro New York LMA Chapter members, courtesy of Stefanie Marrone. Thank you, Stefanie, for providing the photos and Lauren Nussbaum for providing research assistance for this article.

Here are some more impressions from chapter members who attended LMA2015:

  • Guy Alvarez – “The 2014 LMA Annual Conference was the first LMA conference I have attended in quite some time. I was very impressed with the attendance and the overall conference. The networking events were great and I had an opportunity to connect with many great people, some whom I knew and some whom I met there. I also very much enjoyed speaking at the pre-conference and hope to have an opportunity to speak again at the conference next year.”
  • Alexander Coxe – “This was my fourth LMA national and I am continually impressed with the collegial mood and value of the programs.  It’s a lovely group of people, a great networking tool and just a good time.”
  • Amy Lemel – “The 2015 LMA Conference was the second I attended.  The first was last year and it seemed to be better attended with a very inclusive group of people.  This time I wore several hats; as a regular member attendee, a representative of the NYLMA Board of Directors and as an exhibitor with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.  I got reacquainted with friends and clients and made new connections throughout the U.S. and Canada.  The speakers and breakout sessions were informative and the venue (San Diego Harbor) was a real plus.  I hope to attend next year’s conference in Austin, TX.”
  • Brandie Knox – “I really enjoyed this year’s LMA conference, both from a professional and personal perspective. It provided for a great deal of learning and networking opportunities and I was also able to connect with many friends from the industry. Everyone was in great spirits and excited to be in attendance. I’m very much looking forward to next year’s conference in Austin!”

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