NYLMA Social Media Buzz – January 2016

by Guy Alvarez on January 26, 2016

The use of social media continues to grow in the New York LMA Chapter. Over the Fall the number of followers, re-tweets and mentions on Twitter by our members continues to grow steadily. We are almost at 1000 followers! This is clearly a trend and we expect to see continued growth on the use of social media by our members.  Here is a quick look of how our Twitter followers have grown over the last couple of months:

2016 Social Media Buzz chart

We are continuing to use event specific hashtags. This enables us to simplify the process of live tweeting for those in attendance at a particular event and will also enable those members who are not able to attend the event to follow the event highlights or to get a recap of the event via twitter.

The hashtag is comprised of the general chapter hashtag #nylma with the addition of the month and year. So for example the upcoming event on January 27 will have the following hashtag: #nylma0116.

One of our chapter’s goals this year has been to enhance the communication and collaboration amongst and between our members.  We have been using Twitter and LinkedIn, in particular, to build this virtual community.

The chapter continues to maintain and grow a variety of LinkedIn groups. We currently have LinkedIn groups for each of our eight SIGs (Business Development, CMO, CRM, Corporate Social Responsibility, Future Leaders, Small Firm, Social Media and Special Events) as well as our New Jersey group.

To find a LinkedIn Group, go to the search box at the top of any page on LinkedIn, select Groups from the dropdown list on the left. Then type in the group name to find the group you want.  Another way to find a group is by moving your cursor over Interests at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and select Groups. Select the Find a group link on the right side of the page and type in your group name to find the group you want.

Once you have found the group you are interested in joining simply Click Join on the group Discussions page or anywhere you see the button.

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