What the LMA Reorganization Means to You

by Kelly Mackinnon on January 26, 2016

JFK once said that “Change is the law of life.” The Legal Marketing Association is taking that law to heart with 2017 marking the beginning of the association’s next chapter. Focused on member value and structural efficiency, LMA will be shifting to a regional structure with the goal to provide additional education, networking and opportunities for volunteer leaders to contribute. This exciting change will continue to position the organization for future growth and its members as industry thought leaders.

Existing chapters and city groups will be organized into geographic regions. Our Metro New York Chapter will be joining forces with the Metro Philadelphia and New England chapters to create the Northeast Region serving members throughout this geographic area. A regional board, composed of representatives from all three entities, will be charged with the region’s strategic direction and leveraging shared ideas and resources to further member value.  Further specifics about the regionalization can be found on the LMA website including FAQs that are updated frequently as the assigned task force continues its work on the project.

So what does that mean for you as a current member of the Metro New York area? Your day to day LMA experience will not significantly change. The local programming, networking and idea sharing experience will be similar as today but with greater reach, diversity and depth. Opportunities to participate in our amazing SIGs or as part of a committee will still be there. Educational offerings will span the northeast corridor and you may find yourself watching a presentation held in Boston or hopping on the Acela to participate in a roundtable in Philly. Volunteer leaders will be able to collaborate across state lines and draw on shared resources. There may be some different nomenclature and new faces but the objectives and values are still those of your LMA.

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