Member News: Sander Coxe & Tom Freeman Launch 1st Album with a Fundraiser

by Tom Mariam on April 21, 2016

NLYMA members Alexander Coxe and Thomas Freeman, who make a little music in their spare time, celebrated the release of the first album (“Hands that Feed”) of their band (givingTribe) with a special fundraiser on Saturday April 30 from 5-9 pm at Toshi’s Living Room in Chelsea (1141 Broadway – Bway & 26th).


Hand that Feed album cover

givingTribe logo

All the voluntary donations – there was no cover charge – went to Justice for Vets, which helps soldiers in their return to civilian life.  More details on the music and party can be found on the band’s website.

Photos - L to R  - Tom Freeman, Sander Coxe

Tom FreemanSander Coxe

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