Member Spotlight – Rosa Colon: The Future Leader from Vuture

by Logan Tracey on May 2, 2016

Rosa Colon was honored with the Chapter’s Future Leader of the Year Award this winter for her commitment and dedication to the Metro New York LMA Chapter.  She provides leadership to the chapter by co-chairing our Future Leaders SIG with Amy Paquette.  She also offers leadership to the legal marketing industry through her role as senior project manager at Vuture.  Logan Tracey sat down with this current and future leader so we could get to know Rosa Colon a little better.Rosa Colon-1

Rosa, tell us all how you came into legal marketing as a career?

Funny enough, unlike many of my peers who seem to have stumbled into the world of legal marketing and professional services, I purposefully sought it out! My father is an accountant who encouraged me early by having me attend Take Your Daughter to Work days at KPMG and continued to do so later when he was a comptroller. I myself at one time thought I would follow his lead and pursue a joint JD/CPA. Seeking a career in-house seemed like a happy medium I would thrive in without all the schooling.

When I met Cortney Nathanson in January 2011 and she connected me with the Legal Marketing Association, I knew it was providence. I religiously checked the LMA Job Board, attended a couple of events and with a great deal of persistence (nearly 7 months later), I secured a position at an accounting firm here in NYC as its Marketing Technology Coordinator. I was thrilled!

And then you transitioned into working with law firms as your clients. How was that transition? What was the most surprising thing about it?

The transition to working with law firms as my clients was an unplanned one and not something I would have actively sought out at the time. I was very content in my role but unfortunately, due to restructuring at the firm, my position was no longer based in New York. I put a great deal of thought into my next step and was honored when Robin Stephens and Matt Parfitt approached me in helping the Vuture US team grow. I had worked closely with both in implementing the Vx Email module at the firm. In the end I decided to go for it and honestly who could turn down those accents?

All jokes aside, it’s hard for me to think of what the most surprising realization was for me.  But if I had to go with my first thought, I’d have to say it was surprising to see how many firms were approaching the process of business development and marketing with such antiquated technology. I had encountered this a bit in my own in-house experiences.  However, I didn’t imagine that nearly every other firm was dealing with this too. Probably naive of me at the time.

Thankfully, I now see that this trend is changing. I think C-level individuals and partnerships are finally taking heed and realizing that it’s not only important to invest in the right talent but also investing in the appropriate resources that makes a huge difference on the bottom line.

What has been your favorite thing about being a member of LMA?

The people, hands down. Great group of individuals! I would not have had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many interesting and knowledgeable people without LMA. I have learned so much from everyone and owe a majority of my professional growth to the organization.

What was the driving reason for you to co-chair the Future Leaders Group?  What is the one thing the group has achieved under your and Amy’s guidance that makes you proudest?

Honestly, I wanted to connect with LMA and the membership more. Increasing my involvement and joining new committees and SIGs over the years has certainly helped and I wanted to challenge myself by taking more of a leadership role. Being a co-chair has been such a positive added benefit in my life.

The Future Leaders group has had some powerhouse co-chairs through the years, excellent events and thought-provoking sessions. Amy and I had big shoes to fill and we’re constantly thinking of ways to enhance the LMA experience for our members. Most are very new to legal marketing and it can be overwhelming to have so many resources at your disposal. Where do you start?!

I want our members to feel comfortable in connecting with all the people and resources that LMA has to offer. And we’re thrilled with the speakers who have agreed to talk with our group. Each event has had increasingly better attendance and engagement. I’m always really happy to see our members encourage other members to attend our sessions and bring them as guests.

You won the 2015 Future Leader of the Year award this year! Congratulations! What do you think makes a great future leader?

Thank you!! I honestly did not expect the honor and I was very grateful to have received it! Knowing your strengths and developing your weaknesses are important to me. I’m constantly learning from my peers and taking note.

You’re wonderful with people and so open and generous with your time and attention, can you talk a little bit about how this contributes to your success in client service?

I love connecting with people. It’s absolutely a passion of mine. I only wish I had more time in a day to really devote the amount of time I would like to each client. This might sound insincere but I really do love talking processes with my clients. Going through what they do now and discussing and working out ways to automate, streamline and create a more efficient process for them—this is something I truly enjoy. I’m also fortunate to work for a company that has the technology and tools to help with this and I love sharing the knowledge with others!

I know you have a great passion for office supplies. What’s one thing you recommend for staying organized?

I’m old-fashioned when it comes to office supplies.  A pad of paper and a great pen is key for me. I write down everything, keeping detailed notes to refer back to when I need it. There’s something about that action that sticks with me. I also love the feeling of creating a to-do lists and being able to physically cross things off when they’re complete.

What is one fun thing you like to do with the teams you work with?  Drinks, treats, happy hours?

All the above. Any opportunity to connect with people beyond our day jobs is important to me. Remembering we’re all human and have lives outside of work helps make the tough stuff and the long hours manageable. Many of my best vacations were recommended by clients!

You’re a huge foodie. What is your current food obsession in NYC right now? What are you so over?

I fooled you. My fiancé is the foodie. I just love to eat! A longtime resident of the Financial District, I’ve recently moved into a new neighborhood—Long Island City—and I’m currently obsessed with exploring the restaurants there. Casa Enrique is hands down the best Mexican food I’ve ever had (in New York at least).  There’s also a taco truck in the sketchy part of Echo Park in California that I dream about but that’s a story for a different day.

What are you most excited about for 2016?

Rosa Colon-2My wedding! My fiancé, Alex, and I are tying the knot New Year’s Eve 2017 weekend. It’s going to be a great way to end a fantastic year and begin hopefully yet another one!



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