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NYLMA July 23 Luncheon – Legal Marketing Goes Global

by Janet Odgis September 29, 2015

The Metro New York LMA chapter looked far beyond the New York metropolitan area at its July 23 luncheon, “Legal Marketing Goes Global: Maximizing International Success for Your Firm.” The session focused on how law firms of all sizes in a growing global marketplace must wrestle with business and cultural considerations raised by both international […]

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NYLMA July 23 Luncheon: The Challenges of Global Marketing

by Janet Odgis June 30, 2015

The world is shrinking and the practice of law is growing across borders. In this global marketplace, law firms of all sizes must wrestle with business and cultural considerations raised by both international clients and new brick-and-mortar locations. Traditionally, law firm marketers were seen as implementers of a firm’s international marketing strategy, but today’s sophisticated […]

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Creative Corner: Visual Differentiation – The Business Case for Design

by Janet Odgis March 17, 2015

On Thursday March 19th the NYLMA is hosting a panel discussion: “Visual Differentiation: The business case for design.” The topic may be especially timely for your firm or organization. Every so often, it is important to recognize the need to refresh your visual brand. A brand refresh not only acknowledges the evolution of the individual […]

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Creative Corner: Green Can Mean Green for Law Firms

by Janet Odgis November 23, 2014

Among European law firms, there’s a newfound focus on environmental sustainability; it’s even a deciding factor in many RFPs, similar to how diversity remains a major consideration for clients of American firms. While law firms on this side of the Atlantic and in New York City haven’t embraced eco-friendly policies to the same degree, it’s […]

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Creative Corner: Law Firm Marketing?? Questions Can Resolve the Questions

by Janet Odgis September 18, 2014

Many lawyers have questions about the viability of marketing for law firms. How can you get them to recognize its value? Start by asking the right questions. Why is it sometimes difficult for lawyers to see the inherent value in marketing? Broadly speaking, lawyers are very good at taking strong positions for their clients and defending […]

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Best Practices: The Cure For The Common Brand

by Janet Odgis May 15, 2014

HELPING A CLIENT determine the optimal way to present itself can be a difficult task, as clients are often obstinate about the way they market themselves. Yet that obstinacy can lead to a muddled public message and a vague, undifferentiated brand identity. Working with a client to select and implement a viable new strategy means […]

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October 2013 Chapter Luncheon: Value Judgements

by Janet Odgis December 30, 2013

The title of the LMA’s October 24, 2013 event, held at the Harmonie Club in Manhattan, put it succinctly: “Value: The Key Differentiator.” The focus of the get-together was to determine how, exactly, general counsels define “value” in the services they provide — in both a legal-advisory context and the overall benefits to a firm […]

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Sell It, Tell It, Retell It

by Janet Odgis December 30, 2013

When your message is memorable, it’s worth speaking about to others. So let others help you sell it for you. The idea that marketing a law firm might be, at root, no different than marketing pasta or detergent or auto insurance might strike you as heresy. Yet the questions a marketer needs to ask in […]

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Familiarity Breeds Contentment

by Janet Odgis September 22, 2013

What’s in a name — and a logo? Plenty. Your firm’s core identity, for one. Your name and logo (your branding, taken together) represent the first glimpse potential clients get of you, and longtime clients take comfort in the stability and reassurance your branding confers. If you’re thinking of altering it for whatever reason — […]

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Designed to Succeed

by Janet Odgis May 18, 2013

Whatever your firm’s marketing needs, in-house designers and outside contractors can play a complementary, not antagonistic, role — and everyone’s output will be the better for it. Here’s how to make it happen. 1. DETERMINE YOUR CORE NEEDS. In general, are you likeliest to benefit from an outsider’s fresh perspective on a given project, or […]

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