Professional Development

NYLMA Mentoring Program: Valuable Experience for All

by Kenya Jiu September 29, 2015

Madeline O’Connor, an account executive at Hellerman Baretz Communications LLC, thought it would be helpful to her career to meet and learn from experienced leaders in the industry. So she joined the Metro New York chapter’s Mentoring program. “As someone who’s just starting my career in legal marketing, it’s important to me to be able […]

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Are You Falling Down on Following Up?

by Kimberly Alford Rice September 22, 2013

Of all the marketing initiatives that are critical for lawyers to commit to, the most basic and seemingly obvious is the “sin” of omission – – the failure to follow up. We have worked with lawyers who have spent innumerable hours and thousands of dollars chasing after new clients and prospects but have largely been […]

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Book Review – Build Your Practice the Logical Way by Carol Schiro Greenwald and Steven Skyles-Mulligan

by Lindsay Griesmeyer May 18, 2013

Finally, a book that takes the concept of a client-centric law firm from high level theory to practice. This extraordinary compilation of client-centric business development tools is the essential resource for any lawyer or legal marketing professional in search of a clear, step-by-step guide to forming or supplementing a marketing initiative and a broader firm […]

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A New Year’s Top 10 – A Better “You” at Work

by Meredith Miller January 16, 2013

10 things you can do to start the new year with your best foot forward at work. 1) Reflect on 2012 –Which projects were successful in 2012? Which needed improvement? Reflect on successes and shortcomings –  you can learn from both. Think about how you can do things differently this year and improve upon your […]

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Starting Anew

by Meredith Miller October 16, 2012

In my last two articles, I wrote about searching for a job in a challenging market and prioritizing job offers. This article will focus on several suggestions of what to do when starting a new job. Prepare Prior to starting your new job (time permitting) and in the first month or two at your job be […]

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Attorney Coaching: Reaching the Reluctant Participant

by Gretchen Lyn Koehler July 18, 2012

Structured business development coaching programs are often met with mixed responses.  Certain attorneys, often the younger, more eager attorneys, are quick to attend group or individual trainings, develop plans and attempt suggested networking and client relationship management techniques.  Others may be unwilling to participate in group programs or unwelcoming towards invitations for one on one […]

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Prioritizing Job Offers

by Meredith Miller July 18, 2012

My previous NYLMA News article “Job Searching in a Challenging Market” focused on fundamentals when searching for a new job. As a follow up, this article concentrates on comparing offers from potential employers and selecting the best opportunity. Must Haves When evaluating job offers, it is important to assess and prioritize what aspects of future […]

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Job Searching in a Challenging Market

by Meredith Miller April 9, 2012

A few years ago I found myself deep in a job search. The law firm for which I was working was abruptly shut down and I had to start looking for a job at a time that Bloomberg News called “the worst slump since the Great Depression.”  Whether you are forced into a job search […]

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Assuming the Role of a Business Development Coach

by Gretchen Lyn Koehler October 13, 2011

As law firms increasingly seek methods for driving revenues from improved or expanded client relationships, many business development staff members are being challenged to deliver skills coaching to their internal clients. Whether afforded formalized “train the trainer” training from consultants, or expected to develop their own innovative methods, such business development staff members must learn how […]

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Just Opening Doors or Career Advice? Mentor/Mentee Pair Provides Dual Perspective on Mentoring

by Lauren Piccolo Ingram October 13, 2011

In advance of the Chapter’s panel discussion on mentoring –  “Identifying, Developing and Sustaining Powerful Relationships,” the LMA sat down with Lauren Piccolo of Latham & Watkins LLP and chair of the NYLMA’s Mentoring Committee, and Nicole Kessler of Paul Hastings LLP. Each shared with us some thoughts from their experience working together as a […]

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