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September 13, 2011

Have an idea for a story? Want to share your recent move or promotion with the Metro New York Chapter? We want to hear from you! Please use the form below to submit Leadership Moves Announcements, comments or suggestions.

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Contributors to NYLMA News: 

Tom Mariam (Communications Committee Co-Chair), Brandie Knox (Communications Committee Co-Chair)
Seth Apple (2015 Chapter President), Kelly MacKinnon (2014 Chapter President), Maziel Abrego (2013 Chapter President), Paulo Amaral, John Bologna, Jaime Bruck, Sander Coxe, Andrew Edelstein (2016 Board Member), Thomas Freeman, Michelle Goldblatt, Lindsay Griesmeyer, Jane Haskins,  Catherine Hausman, Amy Hrehovcik, Dr. Silvia Hodges, Kenya Jiu, Mike Kachel,  Gretchen Koehler, Amy Lemel, Taylor Massa, Meredith Miller, Alejandra Muniz, Lauren Nussbaum, Janet Odgis, Audrey Pfau, Lauren Piccolo Ingram, Kimberly Alford Rice, Stacy Salmon, Nancy Slome, Sonia Smalls, Jean Sullivan, Rosemarie Yu